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Maximize Profits, Minimize Cost Per Acre

Specializing in Orchards, Vineyards and Row Crops

Paso Robles Ag Consulting provides orchard, field and vineyard crop efficiency. As seasoned growers and ranch managers, the Horwath family has been farming since 1954 with three generations of experience. Owner/Grower Ryan Horwath has over 20 years in-field farming experience.


Our core tenet is to provide factual, hard-won agriculture experience to growers and owners of every kind, we understand the kind of problems that arise daily in agriculture and would love to be who you turn to for solutions. We are not a tech or hardware company, we provide no gadgets or gimmicks—we are actual farmers who have a depth of knowledge to help your business run more successfully.

We can implement crop solution programs that maximize your yields, minimize your cost per acre, and increase efficiency on your ranch site. We serve San Luis Obispo County, Monterey County, Kern County, Santa Barbara County areas and beyond. 

Specialized Operations

Our Services

Program Highlights

Field Health & Growth

Are you meeting a standard baseline minimum yield per acre? We can help you do better. Allow us to audit your nutrient, fertilizer, and water logs. Our audits also examine cultivation practices and pruning. Our field audits increase your profits.

Planting/Water Schedules

Need help understanding when and where to plant? Do you know if you are under watering or over watering? The cost of over watering is highly significant on your budget. We are well-versed in water and can help you if an area of your field too wet or dry.

Labor Management

Need labor? A better labor contractor? Need your labor closely monitored or audited? Need an idea of how many people are needed on-site for a given job? We are not labor contractors but will connect you with a better one or make personnel changes for you.

Equipment Maintenance

Need a better, simpler equipment maintenance program? Need help clearing out an old scrapyard or junkpile? Sending tractors to auction? We can create a custom equipment program for you and help clean up that clutter.

Field/OperationAudit Programs

Offering full audits of your entire farm, production or field operation. Any aspect of your operation can be gone over by an expert in agriculture, with actual solutions provided! Ask about our Monthly, Bi monthly, or bi-annual retainer fees.

Ranch Design & Pipeline Set-Up

We offer custom business plans, ranch plans, new crop plans, and more. We can set-up new ranch layouts for you. We can install mainline / pipeline properly. We take all measurements and optimize efficiency.

All Services


Maximize Your Yield
Minimize Cost Per Acre

Planting Schedules

Watering Schedules

Water Efficiency & Useage


Picking & Pruning

ranch set-up

Fertilizer/Nutrient Mgmt

Site Layout Assessments

Layout Piping Systems

In-Field Management

Junk Removal & Auction

Equipment Maintenance


Labor Efficiency Assessment

Labor Management

Harvesting Crew Management

Packing & Production


Farm Business Plans

Packing House Efficiency


Monthly Efficiency Audits

Food Safety Advising

Ranch & Business Solutions

Call For a Free Consultation

We are confident that we have the solutions you are looking for. We would love to learn about your operations and discuss how we can be of service to you. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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