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About Ryan Horwath, Owner

Ryan has farmed in the Salinas Valley, Central Valley, and San Luis Obispo county regions for over 20 years. Paso Robles is his home, although he has also spent time living in cities such as Gonzales, Greenfield and Avenal. He comes from three generation of farmers in the area. His entire career was spent as a grower in the field. His history managing a large family farm meant that all farm related issues went through him: labor, water, fertilize, pesticide, equipment, weather issues, air quality, water quality, field pack, harvesting, facility pack, outside grower relations, transportation, ranch design, licensing, and food safety.

He is an alumnus of Western Growers Future Volunteer Leaders, second class. His goal is to offer growers, owners, landowners and ranch managers something he always needed—another set of experienced eyes that can offer actual solutions. With the rise of new
agricultural commodities, water, environmental factors, and labor shortages, field experience can make all the difference.


The point cannot be stressed enough that the tools and challenges faced in farming are always changing, but you need actual people in the field doing the work. No tech program or gadget will ever replace human insight and experience. Please do not hesitate to call for any reason. Let us be a fresh pair of eyes on your business and a shoulder to lean on.

—Ryan Horwath, Owner & Grower
Paso Robles Ag Consulting

Serving the Tri-County Area

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